Surf Coast Shire Council selects Mackenzie Environmental to design new cell at Anglesea Landfill

November 21, 2014 at 2:10 pm by admin

Mackenzie Environmental has been chosen as the designer of a new piggyback lined landfill cell to be constructed at Surf Coast Shire Council’s Anglesea Landfill. 

This is the first landfill cell design to be awarded to Mackenzie Environmental and comes only a month after opening for business. 

The piggyback liner design is a non-standard design as the liner is constructed above existing waste. The design of a piggyback liner typically involves reinforcing the subgrade and comprises a more flexible lining system than the compacted clay and HDPE geomembrane composite lining system installed in conventional landfill cells. The design will be required to be assessed by an EPA appointed Environmental Auditor prior to being  constructed in 2015.